Delivering Potato Goods The Right Way

Mar 20, 2023

Understanding the nature of the product and each process throughout a potato processing plant is critical to designing and building high performing vibratory conveyors. Read our take in the recent Potato Business digital magazine.

Vibratory conveyors perform a range of value-added processes throughout potato processing plants. They’re the conveyor of choice due to their sanitary design, low maintenance, and flexible operation.

“The open architecture of vibratory conveyors is the most sanitary-friendly technology available… Machines designed with tool-less parts and open access are easier and faster to clean thoroughly, require less labor and few supplies, saving additional resources and dollars,” says Mike Barber, Regional Sales Manager.

However, they’re not off the shelf. Depending on the product makeup and movement, and what process is being performed, conveyors should be custom designed to optimize performance and handling.

Vibratory conveyors connect core processing equipment – from peelers to sorters, blanchers, dryers, cutters, fryers, freezers, and packaging. Depending on the process, the speed and stroke is customized, and gates, diverters, dewatering screens, and more options are added.

Read the full Potato Business article for more on how to design and use vibratory conveyors in your potato processing line.

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